New skills - new possibilites

Theory informed tools are immediately helpful

When adults change their perspective and begin to look at behavior as a puzzle to be solved, instead of a problem to be managed, we have opportunity to learn skills for relationships and tools for responsible, respectful and resourceful citizenship.

Brain science supports the human desire for belonging; when we use kind and firm tools and make connections with our children, we increase our ability to positively influence behavior. 

Download 21 Positive Discipline Tools below.

View a video about a simple tool here:

The practice of proactive responses

The Mistaken Goal Chart (download the pdf file below) helps you decode behaviors and help you create a more proactive response?

The Mistaken Goal Chart applies work of Alfred Adler, Rudolf Dreikurs and Jane Nelsen in translating theory into proactive responses to challenging behaviors. 

View a video about how to use the mistaken goal chart to find some proactive tools for behaviors that annoy you here.

Transforming control to collaboration

As adults, our relationships with the children in our care is one of the most powerful influences on children’s behavior, and their relationships with others.

Navigating our relationships with the children in our lives can be messy – adults often are frustrated at children’s behavior and then yell, blame, shame or punish.  And often, the behaviors don't change or get better.  When we start looking at misbehavior and ask "what skill is missing that can help in this moment," we create a respectful path forward.

Click here for a conversation about how to look at misbehavior as the need to build skills.

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Helpful Tools

This section is designed to provide some immediately helpful tools.

SEL Chicago Videos

SEL Chicago discusses the Positive Discipline Tool Connection Before Correction

Coaching helps create fidelity and ease

Challenging behaviors can be hard. Reach out to help create a calm response.

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