Better supported, better equipped and more confident teachers.

This training was just what I needed today.  I learned about the brain science behind the behaviors I'm seeing, and how I can proactively build relationships with my students.  More importantly, I understand why that's so important to my students' learning.  Thank you!! 


Teacher Preparation Programs


  • Partner with SEL Chicago to provide tools and training for future teachers.
  • Empower teachers with social emotional learning before they enter the classroom.
  • Trauma sensitive curricula includes lessons to support learners who have been inpacted by trauma and insecure attachement
  • Offer teachers-in-training opprtunities to understand the hows of restorative practices.

Positive Discipline Workshops


  • Positive Discipline Certification workshops can be offered in concert with whole-school implementation, and offer participants one year membership in the Positive Disicipline Association.
  • Positive Discipline for Early Childhood Educators
  • Positive Discipline in the Classroom
  • Teaching Parenting Certification

School Implementation


  • Create a holistic approach to classroom leadership and management, school climate and restorative practices.
  • Honor school histories, cultures and climates.
  • Sensitive to grade level's teachers and students needs.
  • Together we provide trauma sensitive tools while creating a path to a desired school climate culture.

Implementation Junctures

Elementary (Pre-K to 4th)

  • This program is best initiated with Certificate Training.

Middle Schools

  • Provide immediate tools for recurring disruptive behaviors and safety.
  • Analyze student referral history and process. 
  • Certificate training with team leaders is developed in phases.

High Schools

  • Assess methods of promoting student voice, instructor engagement and family connection. 
  • Analyze student referral history and process.
  • Certificate training with team leaders is developed in phases.


  • Implements Social Emotional Learning requirements from the Illinois State Board of Education
  • Aligns with Principal performance criteria
  • Utilize funds from Title I and Title IV sources

SEL Chicago is Chicago Public School vendor 17769 and can accept school purchase orders.

Design a Training for Your Organization

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