SEL Chicago services are...

LED with relationships,

BASED on Adlerian, Dreikurs, and Positive Discipline principles,

and GROUNDED in brain science.

Learn immediately useful tools  for connection, helping transform your relationship with children to foster powerful partnerships.


Solutions for Parents, Teachers, Schools and Organizations, and Teacher Preparation Programs

SEL Chicago services can begin with 1.5 hour introductory sessions, focused seminars or 13 hour Parent and Teacher Certification courses. School Principals and youth-centric programs work with SEL Chicago to implement a holistic, sustainable Social Emotional Learning curricula and school climate for immediate and long-term cultural change with measured outcomes.  Tools and curruicula are trauma sensitive and by brain science.  


Measured Outcomes and Success Stories

Immediate benefits begin with energized teachers, re-engaged students or getting a child to school and homework completed without tantrums. 

Long-term fidelity of implementation improves emotional resiliency of children, create a learning environment with reduced distractions and increased academic achievement. 

What People Are Saying




"The surveys keep rolling in and they are all saying the same thing - they liked the training and they want to continue. The other interesting aspect is teachers would like to be held accountable for actually implementing the concepts." - Latino Youth High School Dean of Academics, Chicago, IL




"Thank you for a practice-changing experience these last two days. I feel so full and so ready for this year; I find myself hoping I have some of those students in my classes again, to build and repair relationships, and to be the teacher they've needed me to be. It's REALLY HARD to admit to certain traditional teaching/parenting practices. Thank you for sharing your journey of developing and acknowledging your softness. And more generally, thank you for the gifts of your courage, energy, and commitment. We (teachers, admin, students, Chicago) need it. - 9th-12th Grade Math Teacher, North Side College Prep High School, Chicago




"I attended the class for Positive Discipline last year with Kristin and am so glad I did. The time discussing real-life issues with other parents was encouraging, helpful and supportive. The reading was not overwhelming, but even in those weeks where I didn't get to it, the group discussion was always beneficial. Kristin creates a safe, judgment-free space and facilitates an accessible discussion about universal parenting difficulties. When I take the time to focus in and use the tools I gained from this book club, I find that my children are more respectful overall and genuinely feel that their voices matter in our home, which makes them happier kids. To me, those are essential traits of a healthy household and I was delighted to find a parenting technique with practical ways to make that happen every day. – Chicago Parent




A neighbor boy, age 12, saw some of the founders anchor charts and asked her work.  She said, “I help create mutually respectful environments for people to communicate. Most particularly, I help parents and teachers better understand and listen to children.” He replied, “You keep doing what you’re doing - my teachers need that.”

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