Discipline that builds connection and accountability

Mutually respectful relationships

Intentionally created in schools, families and communities.

Social Emotional Learning for All

Building skills to support mutually respectful relationships.

SEL Chicago uses Positive Discipline theories and tools supported by brain science.  These tools move beyond consequences and punishment to help build connection and accountability for the children in our lives.

Learn immediately useful tools for connection, helping transform your relationship with children to powerful partnerships.

Elevate "behavior management" to "building relationships." Theory and Tools.

Coaching and Classes for Parents, Teachers, Schools and Organizations

Positive Discipline training helps parents, teachers and child care providers lead families, classrooms and teams powerfully. Services include coaching, professional development, parent engagement courses and school climate and culture support.

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Transform power struggles to possibility

The largest determining factor in influencing our children's behavior is their quality of their relationships with us. 

Because being with children is culturally accepted to be a natural skill, the frustrations that can come along the journey can be daunting and discouraging for adults.

Fill your teaching and parenting toolbox with tools that will help build children's resilience, cooperation and responsibility.


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