"We do the best we can with the tools that we have - and building new skills is always possible."

This is an SEL Chicago mantra. It promotes a growth mindset for our families without blaming and shaming for our past. It is encouraging and allows us to forgive ourselves for previous challenges.


Parent & School Connections


  • SEL tools and Positive Discipline is a grassroots movement led by parents in a community.
  • Schools that receive Title I funds can allocate a portion on family engagement for workshops and support programs that increase academic achievement.

  • SEL Chicago is an approved vendor for Chicago Public Schools (17769)

Committees & Sponsorships


  • Parent Advisory Committees can be assured that SEL Chicago offers workshops that promote the an authoritative family leadership model - Positive Discipline Approach.
  • A Parent Group or "Friends of" organization can sponsor SEL Chicago workshops to your community and school.

Public Courses


  • SEL Chicago hosts semi-annual parent public workshops and certification training to support community learning.

We would love to work with you