After attending Positive Discipline in the Classroom certification facilitated by SEL Chicago's Kristin Hovious, I have never been more excited for the weekend to end and get back into my classroom on Monday morning.  As an 8 year veteran, my friends and I joke that it's a good Professional Development if you come back with one great idea.  This workshop provided hundreds immediately useful tools.  I hope that as I begin using this tools in my classroom, my students feel as empowered as I do right now.      Mollie M, Chicago 

I'm a veteran teacher with 13 years of experience.  I've been to innumerable workshops.  Typically I'm left either uninspired and irritated by time wasted, or inspired but left without tools to move forward.  Today's training left me both incredibly inspired to focus on building social skills in my classroom, and empowered with tools to be immediately effective.  I can't wait for our next  session. -Tracy R. Chicago 

Tools and Training for Educators



  • Teacher training helps educators transform classroom management to intentional leadership creating proactive and solution based classroom communities, creating positive school culture. 
  • Teachers with fluency in Positive Discipline methods are set up for success in Domain 2 for schools using Danielson's Framework for Teaching evaluation model. 
  • Tool centered training empowers teachers will immediately useful tools for building connection and accountability with students.

Childcare Providers


  • Positive Discipline for Childcare Providers provides solution focused proactive training classroom management training for early childhood centers and day care providers. 
  • Training includes discussions on human development, temperament, attachment and trauma informed practices.  

Schools and Organizations


  • Aligned programming to build positive climate and culture 
  • Create thriving learning communities focused on solution based relationships
  • Trauma informed practices training is tool centered for immediate relevancy. 
  • Attachment tools create proactive responses for recurring challenges
  • Community courses increase familiy engagement and parent/school connection.

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These documents are provided for more information.  Let us customize work for your school or organization.

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