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I have a whole bookshelf full of never-read parenting books. It’s hard to find the time and mental energy to read them, much less to employ the practices. Here, I have dedicated a block of time to learning the theory behind this approach and to practicing the techniques. - Erica S.

The classes create a real sense of community within the parent group, where there is no judgement about our parenting mistakes, just a recognition that we all have the best of intentions, and we all have struggles along the way. - Mary P.

I really value the opportunity to talk about the ‘trial and error’ of parenting with other parents, and to learn from the shared experiences of the group. – Marta H.

Tools for a thriving family



  • Parent Coaching provides individual attention on your challenges, information about child development and support to reduce power struggles.
  • Designed specifically for busy parents who want assistance in sifting through a variety of discipline strategies to create deep connection in their family. 
  • Parent with more joy and confidence.    

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Parenting Courses


  • Parenting Courses provide experiential learning in a community setting
  • Learn strategies powerfully relate with your children with discipline that is both kind and firm.
  • Uncover discipline strategies and tools that fit your personality, and help build respectful relationships, resilience and responsibility. 
  • Group setting builds community and we realize that we are not alone.

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Other Services


  • Care provider training can help align parenting and child care providers toward synergy peace of mind and consistency.
  • Refer SEL Chicago to your child's school for Social Emotional Learning Programming.
  • Families navigating seperation and divorce can work with SEL Chicago during mediation to develop co-parenting strategies and build a working parenting partnership based on dignity and respect.

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